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Steve Beskrone: Links


Sadowsky Guitars

Roger Sadowsky makes amazing basses...


great strings and Planet Wave cables

Keeley Electronics

Great pedals and pedal modifications

Acoustic Image

amplifiers that make the acoustic bass sound like an acoustic bass...only louder

Shank Strings

Mike Shank is a wonderful bass luthier who has a shop in Elizabethtown, PA. with his wife, Linda

David Gage String Instruments

David Gage's shop is world renown for great acoustic basses and bass care

Ken Smith Basses

Ken Smith was there at the very beginning of 5 and 6 string electric bass development. I play one of his first CR model six strings

String Emporium

Steve Koscica's great bass shop in AZ, where I got my new Wan-Bernadel bass